Registration and poster submission for the 2020 MidBrains conference will open on September 1st. The deadline to submit a poster for the Fall 2020 conference has been extended to Sunday, September 20 at 11:59pm, and the deadline to register for the conference if you are not submitting a poster is Monday, September 28th.

Register for the Conference

All attendees must register for the conference.  Registration is free thanks to our generous sponsors.  Click here to register (Registration deadline has passed – join our Mailing List to be notified next year!)

Submit your Poster

Only the first author on an undergraduate poster project needs to fill out the form to submit a poster. Click here to submit a poster (Poster submission deadline has passed)

Here are some details about the poster session to help you plan and prepare your virtual poster presentation for submission:

  1. The primary focus of the research should be neuroscience.
  2. As we have limited capacity, faculty and/or students should be affiliated with a Midwestern College/University traditionally served by Midbrains Undergraduate Neuroscience Conference – (i.e., Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri).
  3. Current undergraduate students or Spring 2020 graduates can submit posters.
  4. Each faculty member can sponsor a limit of 2 posters.
  5. Faculty members who sponsor posters need to commit to providing either written or live feedback on other students’ posters.

There will be three categories for poster submission this year (two for fully completed projects and one for COVID-interrupted projects):

  1. Poster & Video: Submit your 200-word abstract, a PDF of your poster, and a 10-min video presenting your poster.  We anticipate having faculty provide some written feedback on your presentation.
  2. Poster, Video, plus Live Q&A: Submit your 200-word abstract, a PDF of your poster, and a 10-min video presenting your poster, plus also participate in a 20-min live session on October 3 where you will provide a quick overview of your poster in 5-min with 15-min of Q&A.  We expect to take the first 20-25 posters submitted that request the Live Q&A option, any submitted after reaching the cap will still be posted as Poster & Video.
  3. We also plan to provide a forum for ~10 posters that represent COVID-interrupted projects which will allow students to get live feedback on their work-in-process.  For these projects, plan on submitting a 200-word abstract, and a PDF of your poster.

Recommended free software for creating videos:

2-minute Screencast-o-matic tutorial:

Video choices regarding use of webcam, voiceover, live recording, etc., are up to the presenter.

Never made a scientific poster before? Check out these resources:

Please contact us at if you have questions about registration or poster submission.